613 Holman
Brookland, AR 72417
(870) 935-0538 Phone
(870) 933-8814 Fax

Quick Facts

Population 2,914
First Class City
Craighead County
2nd largest city in county
Class 4-ISO Fire Classification
Representative District 53
Senate District 20

The City of Brookland and Brookland Police Department would like to thank the following sponsors that made the "SRO Tahoe Makeover" happen. Officer Prescott's desire is that the new design will help bridge the gap between law enforcement officers and the students....
Dedman's Sanitation...
Brookland Severe Weatehr shelter...
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Haag Brown Commercial is excited to announce that First Community Bank intends to seek regulatory approval to open a brand-new branch in Brookland, the fastest growing city in the state of Arkansas....

City Ordinances




2016-01 Accepting Dooley Street
2016-02 Establish City Council Meeting Rules
2016-03 Appoint Linda Anderson Reece to Planning Commission
2016-04 Appoint Jimmy Andrews to Planning Commission
2016-05 Intergovernmental Agreement to allow Mayor to sign agreement with Craighead County regarding Arkansas State Police E-Tickets
2016-06 Resolution to condemn 177 Brady Lane
2016-07 Ordinance to Accept Logan Street
2016-08 Bond Ordinance
2016-09 Biased Law Enforcement Practices Policy Resolution
2016-P1 Proclamation that May 2016 will be National Preservation Month and Arkansas Heritage Month
2016-10 Accepting infrastructure of Phase II of Brookland Hills Subdivision
2016-11 TAP Resolution - Hwy 49B Sidewalk Improvements
2016-12 Ordinance to accept Cardinal Street and set speed limit
2016-13 Resolution for "look-back" period for part-time employee hours regarding health insurance coverage for ACA
2016-14 Resolution to amend 2016 General Fund Budget
2016-15 Ordinance to adopt LOPFI retirement for police officers
2016-16 Resolution to amend 2016 Utility and Street Fund Budgets
2016-17 Ordinance for 2-Way Stop Sign at E. Matthews and County Rd 937
2016-18 Ordinance to set monthly salary for city council and clerk/treasurer
2016-19 Ordinance to adopt 2014 National Electrical Code(NEC)
2016-20 Ordinance to replacement fees for damaged electronic water meters and radios
2016-21 Resolution to set fee for temporary electric permit
2016-22 Millage Resolution - decrease to 1.25 mills
2016-23 Resolution to adopt finalized Craighead County Hazard Mitigation Plan
2016-24 Ordinance to amend 2015-31 lowering speed limits in Brookland Hills Subdivision
2016-25 Ordinance setting speed limits on Jessica, Jody Cove and Westway
2016-26 Resolution to approve 2017 General, Street and Utility Fund Budgets
2016-27 NOT USED
2016-28 NOT USED
2016-29 NOT USED
2016-30 Ordinance to amend 2016 General, Street and Utility Fund Budgets


2015-01 Ordinance establishing council and r/t salaries
2015-02 Contract with Hugg & Hall for excavator
2015-03 Prohibit swine in residential zone clarification
2015-04 Plumbing Inspection Ordinance
2015-05 Resolution to purchase recycle trucks
2015-06 Resolution to utilize Federal Aid Recreational Trail Funds
2015-07 Resolution for North Oak Sidewalk
2015-08 Designation of District Court Clerk to collect fines
2015-09 Resolution to purchase recycle trucks 4-16-15
2015-10 Rezone R1 to C2 at W. School & N. Oak Streets
2015-11 Rezone R-MH to R-2 at 121 Hayes
2015-12 Resolution to condemn 21 Keith
2015-13 Resolution to condemn 306 Eason
2015-14 Resolution to condemn 101 N Bernis
2015-15 Resolution to condemn 315 S. Oak
2015-16 Resolution to condemn 200 Church
2015-17 Resolution to condemn 115 Nelms #1
2015-18 Resolution to condemn 615 Holman
2015-19 Resolution to condemn 177 Brady Lane
2015-20 First Class City
2015-21 Ordinance to allow council member to work for city upon resignation
2015-22 Abandon ROW on Bernis Street - Reece/Harrison
2015-23 2% Sales & Use Tax
2015-24 Calling for special sales tax election 11-10-15
2015-25 Ordinance to levy 2% sales tax (issuing bonds)
2015-26 Ordinance for special sales tax election 11-10-15
2015-27 Ordinance for Special Election for Bond Issuance
2015-28 Millage Resolution - decrease to 1.5 mills
2015-29 Career Readiness Certification Resolution
2015-30 Resolution to apply for grant for road grader
2015-31 Set speed limits on Brookland Hills subdivision streets
2015-32 Redistricting city wards
2015-33 Set $20 fine on misdemeanor traffic violations for jail deferment
2015-34 Double permit fees when work begins before a permit is purchased
2015-35 Revising zoning code
2015-36 Approve 2016 budgets
2015-37 Amending 2015 budgets




2012-01 Resolution to amend 2011 Budgets
2012-02 Ordinance repealing Ordinance 2009-16 ($20 fine to defray jail costs)
2012-P Arbor Day Proclamation
2012-03 Ordinance to waive competitive bidding on fire station at 501 Holman
2012-04 Ordinance to redistrict city wards
2012-05 Ordinance to re-zone 103 S. Oak to R-2
2012-06 Ordinance to adopt 2011 National Electrical Code
2012-07 Resolution to annex 9.11 acres on Hwy. 49 N by petition
2012-08 Resolution establishing dollar amount for inventoried public property
2012-09 Ordinance to abandon alley between 303 and 305 E. Matthews
2012-10 Ordinance amending 1980-2 regarding utility payments on city owned building housing BFPD equipment
2012-11 Ordinance abolishing fixed summer sewage rates(amended 2000-3)
2012-12 Ordinance to adopt AR Mechanical Code
2012-13 Resolution adopting Comprehensive Plan
2012-14 Ordinance adopting revised zoning code
2012-15 Ordinance adopting revised subdivision code
2012-P2 Go Pink for the Cure Proclamation
2012-16 Millage resolution (2 mills on real and personal property tax)
2012-17 Ordinance adopting AR Energy Code
2012-18 Multi Family Complex Water Rate Ordinance
2012-19 Multi Family Complex Wastewater Rate Ordinance
2012-20 Ordinance allowing city to conduct business with employee owned businesses
2012-21 Ordinance to rezone 1.49 acres on W. School from R-1 to PUD
2012-22 Resolution supporting ability to receive more info from AR DFA regarding collection of local sales tax
2012-23 Resolution approving 2013 General, Street & Utility Fund budgets


2011-01 Resolution to amend 2010 Budgets
2011-02 Ordinance to rezone 4 acres on S. Oak to R-3 (vetoed by Mayor Jones)
2011-03 Ordinance to implement 1% sales tax
2011-04 Ordinance calling for special election for sales tax
2011-P Arbor Day Proclamation to have Arbor Day on March 11, 2011
2011-05 Resolution to support Wildlife Recreation Grant
2011-06 Ordinance to rezone 4 acres on S. Oak to R-2
2011-07 Ordinance to annex 3 tracts of islands into city
2011-08 Resolution to dedicate 1% sales tax for street/drainage improvements
2011-09 SRTS Grant Resolution
2011-P Sales Tax Proclamation
2011-10 Resolution to utilize federal aid for sidewalks on Bernis & Stevens
2011-11 Resolution to participate in TAPS Purchasing Program
2011-12 Resolution for GIF Grant (water tanks/multipurpose room)
2011-P Go Pink for the Cure Proclamation
2011-13 Resolution to add catastrophic need to employee personnel handbook
2011-14 Resolution for millage on real and personal property tax
2011-15 Resolution for HVAC Change Out permit
2011-16 Resolution to apply for Trails for Life Grant
2011-17 Resolution to adopt future land use plan map
2011-18 Resolution to accept petition annexation
2011-19 Resolution for Wildlife Trails grant
2011-20 Resolution to give Mayor authorization to sell 309 N. Bernis
2011-21 Nuisance Abatement
2011-22 Inattentive Driving citation $100
2011-23 Resolution approving 2012 General, Street & Utility Budgets
2011 Certification Letter - Wildlife Recreation Facilities Grant
2011 Certification Letter - GIF Funded Community Enhancement Grant































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