City Ordinances


2016-01 Accepting Dooley Street
2016-02 Establish City Council Meeting Rules
2016-03 Appoint Linda Anderson Reece to Planning Commission
2016-04 Appoint Jimmy Andrews to Planning Commission
2016-05 Intergovernmental Agreement to allow Mayor to sign agreement with Craighead County regarding Arkansas State Police E-Tickets
2016-06 Resolution to condemn 177 Brady Lane
2016-07 Ordinance to Accept Logan Street
2016-08 Bond Ordinance
2016-09 Biased Law Enforcement Practices Policy Resolution
2016-P1 Proclamation that May 2016 will be National Preservation Month and Arkansas Heritage Month
2016-10 Accepting infrastructure of Phase II of Brookland Hills Subdivision
2016-11 TAP Resolution - Hwy 49B Sidewalk Improvements
2016-12 Ordinance to accept Cardinal Street and set speed limit
2016-13 Resolution for "look-back" period for part-time employee hours regarding health insurance coverage for ACA
2016-14 Resolution to amend 2016 General Fund Budget
2016-15 Ordinance to adopt LOPFI retirement for police officers
2016-16 Resolution to amend 2016 Utility and Street Fund Budgets
2016-17 Ordinance for 2-Way Stop Sign at E. Matthews and County Rd 937
2016-18 Ordinance to set monthly salary for city council and clerk/treasurer
2016-19 Ordinance to adopt 2014 National Electrical Code(NEC)
2016-20 Ordinance to replacement fees for damaged electronic water meters and radios
2016-21 Resolution to set fee for temporary electric permit
2016-22 Millage Resolution - decrease to 1.25 mills
2016-23 Resolution to adopt finalized Craighead County Hazard Mitigation Plan
2016-24 Ordinance to amend 2015-31 lowering speed limits in Brookland Hills Subdivision
2016-25 Ordinance setting speed limits on Jessica, Jody Cove and Westway
2016-26 Resolution to approve 2017 General, Street and Utility Fund Budgets
2016-27 NOT USED
2016-28 NOT USED
2016-29 NOT USED
2016-30 Ordinance to amend 2016 General, Street and Utility Fund Budgets


2015-01 Ordinance establishing council and r/t salaries
2015-02 Contract with Hugg & Hall for excavator
2015-03 Prohibit swine in residential zone clarification
2015-04 Plumbing Inspection Ordinance
2015-05 Resolution to purchase recycle trucks
2015-06 Resolution to utilize Federal Aid Recreational Trail Funds
2015-07 Resolution for North Oak Sidewalk
2015-08 Designation of District Court Clerk to collect fines
2015-09 Resolution to purchase recycle trucks 4-16-15
2015-10 Rezone R1 to C2 at W. School & N. Oak Streets
2015-11 Rezone R-MH to R-2 at 121 Hayes
2015-12 Resolution to condemn 21 Keith
2015-13 Resolution to condemn 306 Eason
2015-14 Resolution to condemn 101 N Bernis
2015-15 Resolution to condemn 315 S. Oak
2015-16 Resolution to condemn 200 Church
2015-17 Resolution to condemn 115 Nelms #1
2015-18 Resolution to condemn 615 Holman
2015-19 Resolution to condemn 177 Brady Lane
2015-20 First Class City
2015-21 Ordinance to allow council member to work for city upon resignation
2015-22 Abandon ROW on Bernis Street - Reece/Harrison
2015-23 2% Sales & Use Tax
2015-24 Calling for special sales tax election 11-10-15
2015-25 Ordinance to levy 2% sales tax (issuing bonds)
2015-26 Ordinance for special sales tax election 11-10-15
2015-27 Ordinance for Special Election for Bond Issuance
2015-28 Millage Resolution - decrease to 1.5 mills
2015-29 Career Readiness Certification Resolution
2015-30 Resolution to apply for grant for road grader
2015-31 Set speed limits on Brookland Hills subdivision streets
2015-32 Redistricting city wards
2015-33 Set $20 fine on misdemeanor traffic violations for jail deferment
2015-34 Double permit fees when work begins before a permit is purchased
2015-35 Revising zoning code
2015-36 Approve 2016 budgets
2015-37 Amending 2015 budgets


2012-01 Resolution to amend 2011 Budgets
2012-02 Ordinance repealing Ordinance 2009-16 ($20 fine to defray jail costs)
2012-P Arbor Day Proclamation
2012-03 Ordinance to waive competitive bidding on fire station at 501 Holman
2012-04 Ordinance to redistrict city wards
2012-05 Ordinance to re-zone 103 S. Oak to R-2
2012-06 Ordinance to adopt 2011 National Electrical Code
2012-07 Resolution to annex 9.11 acres on Hwy. 49 N by petition
2012-08 Resolution establishing dollar amount for inventoried public property
2012-09 Ordinance to abandon alley between 303 and 305 E. Matthews
2012-10 Ordinance amending 1980-2 regarding utility payments on city owned building housing BFPD equipment
2012-11 Ordinance abolishing fixed summer sewage rates(amended 2000-3)
2012-12 Ordinance to adopt AR Mechanical Code
2012-13 Resolution adopting Comprehensive Plan
2012-14 Ordinance adopting revised zoning code
2012-15 Ordinance adopting revised subdivision code
2012-P2 Go Pink for the Cure Proclamation
2012-16 Millage resolution (2 mills on real and personal property tax)
2012-17 Ordinance adopting AR Energy Code
2012-18 Multi Family Complex Water Rate Ordinance
2012-19 Multi Family Complex Wastewater Rate Ordinance
2012-20 Ordinance allowing city to conduct business with employee owned businesses
2012-21 Ordinance to rezone 1.49 acres on W. School from R-1 to PUD
2012-22 Resolution supporting ability to receive more info from AR DFA regarding collection of local sales tax
2012-23 Resolution approving 2013 General, Street & Utility Fund budgets


2011-01 Resolution to amend 2010 Budgets
2011-02 Ordinance to rezone 4 acres on S. Oak to R-3 (vetoed by Mayor Jones)
2011-03 Ordinance to implement 1% sales tax
2011-04 Ordinance calling for special election for sales tax
2011-P Arbor Day Proclamation to have Arbor Day on March 11, 2011
2011-05 Resolution to support Wildlife Recreation Grant
2011-06 Ordinance to rezone 4 acres on S. Oak to R-2
2011-07 Ordinance to annex 3 tracts of islands into city
2011-08 Resolution to dedicate 1% sales tax for street/drainage improvements
2011-09 SRTS Grant Resolution
2011-P Sales Tax Proclamation
2011-10 Resolution to utilize federal aid for sidewalks on Bernis & Stevens
2011-11 Resolution to participate in TAPS Purchasing Program
2011-12 Resolution for GIF Grant (water tanks/multipurpose room)
2011-P Go Pink for the Cure Proclamation
2011-13 Resolution to add catastrophic need to employee personnel handbook
2011-14 Resolution for millage on real and personal property tax
2011-15 Resolution for HVAC Change Out permit
2011-16 Resolution to apply for Trails for Life Grant
2011-17 Resolution to adopt future land use plan map
2011-18 Resolution to accept petition annexation
2011-19 Resolution for Wildlife Trails grant
2011-20 Resolution to give Mayor authorization to sell 309 N. Bernis
2011-21 Nuisance Abatement
2011-22 Inattentive Driving citation $100
2011-23 Resolution approving 2012 General, Street & Utility Budgets
2011 Certification Letter - Wildlife Recreation Facilities Grant
2011 Certification Letter - GIF Funded Community Enhancement Grant



1999-1 Resolution to receive 1.3 real and personal property tax millage
Resolution to appoint Norman Tate to 3 yr. term on CCSWDA


1998-1 Dog pickup and Impoundment fees
1998-2 Ordinance amending 1997 Annual Budget
1998-3 Ordinance approving 1998 Annual Budget
1998-4 Amending rates for water meter installation/permits/inspections
1998-5 Annexation of Brookland Heights Subdivision
1998-6 Amending employee handbook
1998-7 Granting franchise to Dedman's Sanitation
1998-8 Ordinance amending 1998 Budget
Well head protection resolution
1998-9 Ordinance to pursue loan from ASWCC for new well; Incumbency Certificate and Appointment of Authorized Representatives
1998-10 Increase Water Meter Deposit from $50 to $75
Resolution to advance to Second Class City
1998-11 Resolution to receive real & personal property tax
1998-12 Ordinance to abandon street easement on Oak Meadow Circle
1998-13 Ordinance for placement of stop signs at White Oak/Pecan, Jessica/Hwy 49N, Jody/Jessica, Margie/Teresa, Margie/Janis, Darr/S. Oak
1998-14 Ordinance regulating yard sales (FAILED)
1998-15 Ordinance pertaining to loud noise (FAILED)
1998-16 Ordinance to increase water rates


1997-1 Ordinance approving 1997 Annual Budget
1997 Motion to accept Margie Street
1997-A Ordinance to seek special election to elect Mayor


1996-1 Annexation of land
1996-3 One way on Bernis Street from School to Smith Street
1996-5 Resolution to grant authority to Friendship Cable to operate in City
1996-6 Operation of Brookland Parks


1995-1 Ordinance providing Yield Sign at Walnut and Hickory
1995-2 Resolution for 1.3 mills on real property; 1.5 mills on personal property


1994-1 Ordinance approving 1994 Annual Budget
1994-2 4-Way Stop at W. School & Oak Street.
1994-3 Curfew Ordinance


1993-1 Ordinance approving 1993 Annual Budget
1993-2 Ordinance authorizing construction of Improvements to Sewer System (Traveling Bridge Filter)
1993-3 Ordinance increasing water & sewer rates
1993-4 Ordinance setting weight limit of 40,000 lbs. on Christy and Lynn Cove
1993-5 Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 1991-4 regulating the approval for mobile home in City
1993-6 Ordinance approving increase in Meter Deposits
1993 Budget


1992-1 Ordinance accepting White Oak Street


1991-1 Ordinance to change name from NEA Solid Waste Disposal Authority to Craighead Cty. Solid Waste Disposal Authority
1991-2 Ordinance prohibiting parking, except within parking areas
1991-3 Resolution to remain Incorporated Town and reject 2nd Class City Rating
1991-3 Ordinance for 30 MPH Speed Limit on all streets near Brookland Public School unless otherwise posted and ordained
1991-4 Beautification/Regulations for allowing mobile homes in City
1991-5 Ordinance approving 1992 Annual Budget
1991-6 Ordinance accepting S. Hickory Street from School to White Oak St.
1991-7 Ordinance establishing police department
1991 Budget


1990-1 Amendment to Ordinance No. 1988-1, clarifying time requirements and payment requirements of late water bills
1990-2 Ordinance stating that a house cannot be built nearer than 30 feet from nearest street right of way line
1990-3 Gun Control
1990-5 20 MPH Speed limit on Cherry, Pecan, Walnut, Oak, S. Hickory and Bernis Streets
1990-6 Ordinance Approving 1991 Annual Budget
1990-7 Ordinance accepting Adams Street
1990 Budget



1989-1 20 MPH Speed limit on School Street from Hwy 49 to Bernis.
1989-3 Hazardous Driving
1989-4 Approving 1990 Annual Budget


1988-1 Water bills not being paid as promptly as desired
1988-2 Establishing an orderly method of numbering buildings
1988-4 Weight limit of 10,000 lbs. on several streets in Town of Brookland
1988-6 Ordinance accepting Pecan Street
1988-7 Ordinance accepting Walnut Street
1988-10 Approving 1988 Annual Budget
1988 Resolution


1987-1 Amendment to Ordinance No. 1980-2 clarifying and delineating payments to be made to Brookland Fire Protection District
1987-2 Establishing a meeting date and providing for meeting procedures
1987-3 Providing for placement of certain stop signs within the Town
1987-4 Ordinance providing for penalties for violation of stop signs placed in the Town of Brookland, AR and for other purposes.
1987-5 Ordinance regulating the keeping of animals within the Corporate Limits of the Town of Brookland, AR
1987-6 Ordinance accepting Cherry Street in Hardwood Acres
1987-7 Ordinance accepting Lynn Cove in Northern Heights Subdivision
1987-8 Ordinance accepting Christy Drive in Northern Heights Subdivision
1987-9 Ordinance adopting AR State Plumbing Code/Inspections/Fees
1987-10 Ordinance levying five mill general tax on all taxable property
1987-12 Flood Damage Prevention
1987 Firetruck Lease


1986-1 Resolution for distribution of county sales tax revenues


1985-1 To approve and authorize membership in the Northeast Arkansas Regional Solid Waste Disposal Authority
1985-2 Resolution to join AML self-funded Worker's Comp
1985-3 Resolution to increase meter installation fees
Application for Solid Waste Disposal


1983-1 Amendment to 1969-3 by Revising Special Water User Rates for Trailer Parks
1983-2 Waiver of Advertising for Bids in Excess of $2,000 for equipment
1983-3 Increase Meter Deposits
1983-4 Resolution authorizing Mayor as representative for city and utility dept.


1982-1 Resolution


1981-05 Resolution


1980-1 (O) Dog Control
1980-1 (R)
1980-2 Annexation of Northern Heights Subdivision
1980-2 Establishment of Brookland Fire District
1980-3 Granting Privilege and Authority to Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation to sell, furnish and distribute electric power to the City of Brookland
1980-4 Resolution for 5 mills real and personal property tax
1980-5 Resolution regarding industrial waste in sewer treatment facility
1980 Resolution
1980 Ordinance