Mayor's Updates

Monday, October 31, 2022
Just an update on the three park projects in the city. We had our bid opening for the Nelms/E Matthews and N Bernis/Smith Street parks with Fisher Arnold Engineering Firm on October 25, 2022, at 2:00 pm. Unfortunately, we had NO bids submitted. Jason and I got on the phone and made a few calls to local contractors to see why they had not bid on the two parks. We found that some did not know about the bids being requested. The second thing was they did not want to bid on parks and install playground equipment. Said they wanted to bid all the work but placement of playground equipment. We will rebid the two smaller parks less playground equipment. We will bid on the purchase and installation of playground equipment separately.
Sports Complex has been in the news, and we just want to bring you up to date information on the project. Inflation cost has doubled, and tripled in some cases, the cost of materials for all the parks. However, due to the size of the Sportsplex project, inflation has caused us to be out of line with the original budgeted cost. We cut some items out in the current development to try and bring the sports complex back in line with the budget. We removed the walking trail, small park, and some of the parking area in our first bid package. Even with the changes, the sports plex was still around double the original estimated cost to build. The parks committee went and toured some other ball complexes and wanted to add turf ball fields. Turf would add expense to the front end but would save you maintenance through the years. This idea was scratched also because of the initial cost.
To summarize, we are going to proceed with package bids for the two smaller parks. Site preparation, and infrastructure including road and parking, bathrooms, walking trail, and pavilions. While this work is proceeding, we will bid on playground equipment and installation. Our goal is to complete the two smaller parks.
During this same time, we will be working on our package projects for the sports complex and plan to start the process in January 2023. Hopefully during this time, materials will have leveled off or even dropped in price and work can proceed in the Spring of 2023.
Our parks committee meets the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:00 pm. Here at Brookland City Hall 613 Holman. Visitors are welcome. Input is welcome.
Kenneth D. Jones, Mayor