Ordinances FAQs

How many pets can I have?

There is a limit of five (5) dogs/cats....See Ordinance 2013-18 for additional information.

Can I park my vehicle in the street?

No.....See Ordinance 1991-2 for more detail.

How tall can my grass get before I have to mow it?

What are the water rates for Brookland Utilities?

There are multiple rate structures....See Ordinances 2009-17 and 2012-18 for more detail.

What are the sewer rates for Brookland Utilities?

There are multiple rate structures....See Ordinances 2009-18 and 2012-19 for more detail.

Can I park my vehicle on the city sidewalk?

No....See Ordinance 2017-09.

What happens if I damage my water meter while mowing?

The homeowner is responsible for damages to water meters....See Ordinance 2016-20 for list of component pricing.

Do I have to put a fence around my swimming pool?

Yes, if the water level is deeper than 15"...See Ordinance 2008-17 for detailed specifications.

Can I have farm animals?

Certain zones do allow for farm animals....See Ordinance 2013-18 for regulations.

I am interested in purchasing property in Brookland....how it is zoned? 

See zoning map on the Planning/Zoning page.

What can be developed in R1, R2, R3, or R-MH zones?

See zoning code on Planning/Zoning page.

I have extra trash and large items that won't fit in my cart....how do I get rid of it?

Contact Dedman's Sanitation at (870) 781-3754 to schedule a special trash pickup and the additional cost of the special pickup will be added to your utility bill.

Can I discharge fireworks inside the city limits of Brookland?

Yes, on specific days of the year. Fireworks may be discharged from10am until 10pm on June 29, June 30, July 1, July 2, July 3, December 30 andJanuary 1. The time is extended to 10amuntil 12:30pm (of the following day) on July 4 and December 31. See Ordinance 2006-1 for more details.